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    Who We Are

    We are Estatebob and a definition of what we practice lives inside of everyone one of us. The practice is simple; sell yourself or product by any medium necessary. For years of seasoned experience have taught us the best way to sell anything is to promote it with the best that you have got. Estatebob is a free online marketplace for anything about the real estate industry and beyond. If you are looking to buy from an online platform in the comfort of your home, search no further than www.estatebob.com. Our customers are our utmost priority because without them, we cannot be here showcasing some of the best brands in; Property, Building Materials, Furnishings, Appliances, Services, Accomodations & Short Let Homes, Pets, Restaurants, Heavy Duty Vehicles, Equipment Rentals, Phones, Computers & Accessories, Facility Management, Kitchen Appliances, Land & Estates, Interior Decoratoration, Vans & Trucks Hire, etc. This is the platform we have created for such Real Estate Industry inclined businesses and needs, for users to access such products and services within the comfort of their homes. The act of selling is for people who know how to identify exactly what their customers need, and then, to locate such customers when they have the product or service to offer. An online retail market like Estatebob, where people can search for businesses, products and services in the real estate industry is where to be. We have provided a place for all home, office and industrial projects like construction, building, furnishing, repairs and sales of used items/equipment . Nobody likes the long queues, traffic and unnecessary waste of time at local markets, which is the reason for our conventional market. Why not patronize the most reliable online market solely created with the intention of “Connecting all needs and businesses in the real estate world”. When you think of the stress of going to the market, don't you wish you had a better option that is available 24/7? Estatebob is here to service all your needs with competitive prices and top-notch products with the best quality. You will never get tired of being a part of us, trust me. We know how difficult the economy is, that is why our site offers loan quotes to customers to shop for any items of their choice and pay in instalments. So, no more worries about buying that new property, deep freezer, generator set, etc. At Estatebob we try to make life as simple as it should be for you, even when you try to sell your product on our platform. We give you the full exposure possible to make sure you stand ahead of the peers in your category. It drives us crazy when we post free ads on other sites, and our exposure is limited or swept under the rug. At Estatebob we have stood out in trying to fix this by giving one of the most unbiased platforms to market your product. We want to help people like you, who want to sell on the most significant platform and people that are seeking the convenience of their homes for shopping on the best product that has the most competitive price. Our professionals are always available 24/7 to cater for your needs. So make sure you patronize us today!

    Estate Bob Features Offer

    Estate Bob uses the Social Media icons , which are links that let you distribute the listings
    over a large network of varying speed and reliability.


    Our Missions
    To Provide the best off-the-shelf solutions or tailor-made technology for big and small businesses that can render a product or service in the real estate industry.
    Our Vision
    To provide a platform for all sellers and buyers in the real estate industry to conveniently sell or shop from the comfort of a phone or computer.
    Our Values
    As an e-commerce website for sellers and buyers, we understand the essence of being able to shop online from trusted seller without the fear of fraud. We endeavor to totally eliminate or reduce such fraudulent acts by the extra vetting measures which we have put in place. 


    Our company builds trust online with advanced solutions that help people and
    businesses interact with confidence on the Internet and in person.