Estatebob as a game-changer


Many people go directly to the store to take a look at some of the items they want to buy, but ultimately decide to take the information and look on their tablet or phone to find a better price.

In a fast-paced society where people want to have their items quickly, at a reasonable price, and without having to travel to find things of their choice, buying online becomes an advantageous and profitable solution.

Why buy online with Estatebob

It is beneficial and profitable to, because this sales technique thus gives the power to the consumer to deal directly with brands to avoid having intermediaries in the transaction and thus, enable him to save costs. This new reality is pushing retail businesses to adapt quickly to this commercial issue that is gaining ground, especially with uneasy access to mobility and the problems with traffic.

Estatebob has decided to follow this trend by matching the lowest prices found on any Nigerian website or within a specific geographic radius on all real estate related products and services such as, Property, Building materials, Furnishings, Appliances, Rentals, Lodging and Accommodation, Plumbing, Cleaning, Carpentry, etc., thus, making it the only online platform of it’s kind with a unique selling point targeted towards businesses with something to offer in the real estate world.

Some other unique categories to list products on the Estate bob platform include, Bedroom apartments for short-term lease under the Lodging & Accommodation Category. Pets, Rentals, Used items, Restaurants listings, are all also available to users of the platform that will ensure that all needs related to home, office and living are met on a common online environment.

Also, Estatebob offers the possibility to subscribe to it’s newsletter. This promotional technique is designed to send special promotions and relevant content to encourage you to order online.

Estatebob, unlike other retail stores, is apt in it’s dealing with buyers and sellers on its platform, and that is the fact about why all of its products are of top quality and a great utility that will serve buyers purpose for a long time to come.

On Estatebob, there is room for a featured listing and also for recent listings to boost seller’s product to potential buyers.

Estatebob was launched to provide a more comfortable access than you would have going to offline stores. The aim is to advertise your product as quickly as possible while taking advantage of its 24/7 update on the site.

Thankfully, with Estatebob you no longer have to bother about customers finding you and your products, you no longer have to worry about opening and closing for office hours.

The website comes with a beautiful navigation and an attractive user interface that is visible from any part of the world. You can contact buyers as well from any part of the world regarding the listing you saw on the site.

How do you go about contacting sellers?

There is a space to indicate interest about a product and also an option to draw up a quote for loan quotes for the product whereby buyers will be paying in installments if you choose that option instead of paying all at once.

No other online store in the Nigerian market can offer you such flexibility.

The Map on will show you the location where your seller and the item is located. The Map will enable you to plan your course of action.

Sellers on Estatebob draw up a well-crafted detail of their product that is without any intention of misleading potential buyers.

The best part of listing your product on Estatebob, is that claims can be made on any listing that the seller cannot verify is his. To avoid duplication and also to curb fraudulent practices, if a product is thought to violate the right and privileges of the real owner’s penalty will be meted out.

There is also room to rate the type of service rendered to you. This rating is encouraged to boost seller’s profile and to make it easier for buyers to by from a trusted name.

Estatebob allows a product to be seen by people from around the world for free!

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